Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How does a bill fail when 73% of the public supports it?

It failed because of a small group of Dem Senators, who are more interested in contributions from the insurance and pharma industry, then they are in governing and serving the people. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Montana, heads the Finance Committee which just voted down the Public Option amendment 15-8. Baucus voted against the bill citing that since we did not have 60 votes, he could not support it. Hogwash! We only need 51 votes and we have that, but Baucus was not about to let the truth get in the way of his story.
Michael Moore rightly stated, it was a horrible health care bill which just gave money to the insurance companies with no cost controls. It was a give away for them, but knowing that we could get a public option sort of justified it for me. See, our family was going to get out of having the "death panel" insurance companies control our health care, as soon as the public option came available.

Forget about the public option now, there is a better bill to support.

Some of the reasons Michael Moore gave as to why the bill was terrible are on his blog at the Daily Kos Why the Current Bills Don't Solve Our Health Care Crisis, they are:

Here are 13 problems with the current health care bills (partial list):

1. No cost controls on insurance companies. The coming sharp increases in premiums, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, etc. will quickly outpace any projected protections from caps on out-of-pocket costs.
2. Insurance companies will continue to be able to use marketing techniques to cherry-pick healthier, less costly enrollees.
3. No restrictions on insurance denials of care that insurers don't want to pay for. In case you missed it, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee uncovered data on the California Department of Managed Care website recently that found six of the biggest California insurers rejected, on annual average, more than one-fifth of all claims every year since 2002.
4. No challenge to insurance company monopolies, especially in the top 94 metropolitan areas, where one or two companies dominate, severely limiting choice and competition.
5. A massive government bailout for the insurance industry through the combination of the individual mandate requiring everyone not covered to buy insurance, public subsidies which go for buying insurance, no regulation on what insurers can charge, and no restrictions on their ability to decide what claims to pay.
6. No controls on drug prices. The White House deal with Big Pharma, which won bipartisan approval in the Senate Finance Committee, opposes the use of government leverage to negotiate real cost controls on inflated drug prices.
7. No single standard of care. Our multi-tiered system remains with access to care still determined by ability to pay.
8. Tax on comprehensive insurance plans. That will encourage employers to reduce benefits, shift more costs to employees, promote proliferation of bare-bones, high-deductible plans, and lead to more self-rationing of care and medical bankruptcies.
9. Not universal. Some people will remain uncovered, including those exempted, and undocumented workers, denying them treatment, exposing everyone to communicable diseases and inflating health care costs.
10. No definition of covered benefits.
11. No protection for our public safety net. Public hospitals and clinics will continue to be under-funded and a dumping ground for those the private system doesn't want. Public monies going to hospitals serving low-income communities will be shifted to subsidies for private insurance.
12. Long delay in implementation. Many reforms don't go into effect until 2013.
13. Nothing changes in basic structure of the system; health care remains a privilege, not a right.
We may be slow learners, but the rest of the industrial world has figured it out: Universal, single-payer or national health care systems. That's the reason why all those other countries cover everyone, have better patient outcomes, cause no one to declare bankruptcy or lose their homes because of medical bills, and spend less than half per capita on health care than we do.

We could do it too, by reducing the starting age for Medicare from 65 to 0. There's still time to act.

Call on your Congress member to support the vote coming up on the House floor on the Anthony Weiner amendment to protect, expand and improve Medicare for All. Senators have the same opportunity in a vote on Senate bill 703, being offered as a floor amendment by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Democrats must also ensure that whatever bill passes includes a provision enabling states to set up their own single-payer systems. These votes are the true litmus tests of the Democrats' commitment to guaranteeing health care for all, and finally solving our health care crisis.

After re-reading Michael Moore's bill, it is a good thing it didn't pass. Single Payer is what we need to demand. Remember, Public Option was the compromise for giving up the single payer system, and we couldn't get that through, so let's start back again at Single Payer work with Sen. Sanders I- Vt. No more money to the DSCC, DNC, DCCC, TNDP or Obama. Only give to Single Payer supporters from now until the 2010 elections, and we shall see what happens.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Judge orders Grady Memorial to keep dialysis clinic open

Thank God. This judge just saved at least 90 lives. From AJC:
The order prevents Grady participating in efforts to get patients currently receiving dialysis treatments to discontinue their treatments at Grady, including encouraging them to move to other states, return to their countries of origin or seek dialysis alternatively through emergency room admission, until a suitable alternative treatment plan is approved by the court subject to a hearing.

In my blog yesterday, I reported that Grady Memorial just became a death panel for shutting down their dialysis unit this Sunday. They expected their patients, all with renal failure, to move to other states for treatment. This is so wrong. Renal failure patients are in no shape to move anywhere. They need dialysis which takes 4 -5 hours for a treatment and every couple of days. If they don't get dialysis, they are extremely sick, then die. Renal failure patients don't even have to wait on SS for a disability, it is an automatic qualifier. So many patients died before the paperwork was finished that the good old government health care made it an instant qualifier. Renal failure is also a big freaking pre-existing condition, so no insurance for you! Another reason we need single-payer.

Of course the 90 patients at Grady who were expected to go to other states were indigent or undocumented workers. Just how are they suppose to pick up and move? Or live in a hotel? Or be away from family and friends? If ever there was such a thing as a death panel, Grady just became it.

If you call yourself pro-life, then you need to support and help the poorest and weakest on dialysis. Please volunteer, contribute and help the least amongst us. Remember, Matthew 25.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Georgia's Death Panel is happening now at Grady Memorial

This is a death sentence for the poor, indigent and undocumented workers who depend on Grady for dialysis. Absolutely sickening, from AJC:

Grady Memorial Hospital’s plan to send kidney dialysis patients to several other states, where the hospital said they would qualify for care, could leave some patients stranded without adequate treatment.

The hospital had said the dialysis unit would close Sunday and the hospital hoped to send about 90 patients — some of whom are illegal immigrants — out of state, back to their home countries or to local clinics. As many as 10 patients have already moved out of state. For many, Grady had been their last resort for dialysis care.

Dear Freepers, if you are happy with this, then don't you dare call yourself pro-life. These are lives in need of saving right now. Dialysis is a matter of couple of days for most. Renal failure is an urgent matter, how the heck is Grady and Georgia going to get those who are the sickest, help in time. Guess they won't. This is a death panel. MD's, nurses, caregivers and everyone with a conscience needs to speak out now. Read the article at the link.

Wild Horses. Wow.

Whoa Susan Boyle does a beautiful job with this old Stones' song.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GO USA! We're #1. What? We aren't?

Then we must be #2 closing in on #1. No? What? But the teabaggers told us we have the best health care in the world. How could they be so wrong? They fought so hard and screamed so loud just to deliver a message that we are #37. #37?? Gosh.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Remembering 9/11

bush my pet goat

This photo sums up 9-11 for me. We had a President with a blank stare on his face when a major crisis hit. His ineptness and indifference for the Oval Office is what defined his Presidency. 24 hours after this photo was taken, all air traffic had come to a halt in the U.S., except for one group of folks: the Bin Ladens. 57 of them flew out of the U.S. without one question being asked of them. 19 of the 21 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, but we went after the Taliban in Afghanistan for allowing Osama bin Laden refuge in their country. We are in our 9th year in Afghanistan. Al-queda is gone from Afghanistan, they moved to other countries again; and, we are stuck in a war with no end in sight.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the neo-cons took advantage of our nation's collective grief to deceive Americans into war with Iraq. $3 trillion and rising cost, 4343 Americans dead, and close to a million Iraqis dead are the result of that deception. They passed a Patriot Act which infringed on our Constitution and individual freedoms. They tortured detainees in a perverse and horrific manner which flew against the Geneva Conventions and our military standards. They lied and created intelligence in order to go to war. Their foreign policy consisted of bullying and threatening other countries; thus, we lost our good will with other nations. Their reckless disregard for laws and morals have caused more harm to our troops than Al-qaeda could do.

The senseless deaths of those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania were used as propaganda by Bush and Cheney. Bin Laden or the Saudis still haven't been questioned. They barely pursued any of them, as Rumsfeld said Afghanistan was to test weapons. The real war for them was Iraq and they named it "the war on terror". These sinister people need to be brought before the Hague for war crimes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Words

Those two words, Rep. Wilson screamed out during the Presidential speech, have cost him plenty.

According to Act Blue at this moment, 36 hours after Wilson's uncouth behavior, his opponent Democratic candidate Rob Miller has raised $796,718.00 from 21,756 contributors.

But that is not all, Public Policy Polling, already conducted a poll of South Carolina's 2nd District. From PPP:

Wilson trails Democratic challenger Rob Miller 44-43 in a PPP survey conducted Thursday night and Friday morning. Last year Wilson defeated Miller 54-46.

62% of voters in SC-2 disapprove of Wilson's actions while just 29% think they were ok. By a 48-41 margin Republicans think what he did was fine, but independents are opposed to it by a 66/25 margin and Democrats are 84/10.

Those two little words made a once safe candidate one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country, according to PPP. Should be fun to see what the other pollsters have to show about Rep. Joe Wilson.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ill-mannered Southern Repub had another "spontaneous" & ugly outburst

It appears that Rep. Wilson is a blow hard, know nothing, angry bully. His conduct last night was not a rare moment, but rather the way he normally is. Here he is on C-Span talking over and berating a Democratic Congressman Bob Filner for correctly stating the U.S. sold chemical and biological weapons to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq conflict. Watch Wilson get unhinged on t.v. again.

Also, last night's heckling of President Obama has raised over $400,000 for Rob Miller, the Democratic Marine who is challenging Wilson in 2010. $418,000 + in less than 18 hours, not bad. If you feel like donating twenty bucks or whatever, go here and join the other 11,000 +folks in helping Rob Miller Act Blue. If you are just curious about the amount raised by Act Blue in the last few hours, you can look it up at that link.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sadly, this came from a Southerner but he was a Republican, so that is about right. Here is Rep. Wilson from South Carolina heckling the President in Congress. Such rude manners, guess the guy never learned any manners or that we are not in Parliament.

Ewww!! Gross!! Fat, old, conservative lawmaker brags about kinky sex into open mic

UPDATE: Fatso resigned, but read this anyway.

Here is proof of the old cliche: there is no fool like an old fool.

A California legislator (Republican), who happened to head the Energy committee, told one of his colleagues in the Assembly about his sexual escapades with a hot, young blond (oh, by the way she is a lobbyist for an energy company). There was only one problem with his confession, it was caught on an open microphone so it is public record now.
Rep. Mike Duvall, a married, staunch conservative, family values GOoPer, told of spankings and intercourse in his office, with this hot little number. After describing in sickening detail his affair with the Sempra Energy lobbyist (who wears eyepatch underpants?) he boasted of another affair with another corporate escort... I mean lobbyist. Good grief, the guy is pathetic. Yuck.

A staffer told the media

Their relationship is the worst-kept secret in Sacramento. He's old and fat. She's hot, blonde and about 20
 years younger. He could have never gotten a woman like that before he got
 this job.

Who was the man Duvall confided this to? This story needs more investigating because lobbying, especially in this manner, is illegal. Apparently, he felt comfortable to tell another legislator the whole sordid affair with no fear of the law or his wife.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sen. Chambliss warns President Obama about being uppity

Got that, boy? The irrelevant southern Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss (name sounds like he owns a plantation in Georgia) just warned Obama about giving his speech before Congress tomorrow night. From Talking Points Memo:

"I think he's gonna have to express some humility based on what we've seen around the country this August and that's not his inclination."

So Obama, who you going to listen to? The Republican Masters and Faux News or the 85% of Americans who want a public option? And please don't forget, Dear POTUS Obama, that you control both houses in the legislative branch.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Glenn Beck: Y kant i spel? i dunno.

Saw some of this on Olberman last night. This from Media Matters. It is hilarious.