Saturday, November 28, 2009

Palin quits measly 5k race. Can she finish anything?

Guess this is the only thing consistent about Palin: she's a quitter. And a fake, too, remember this cover?

From her twitter account:

Leaving Florida to meet family from Texas/Alaska/Washington. We run in Red Cross charity 5k race tmrrw in Richland b4 Thanksgiving dinner...

Palin was in Richland, Washington for the holidays to visit family. She had no plans to make Thanksgiving dinner because that is too much work. Always the lazy one, isn't she?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nooo... UGA VII dies of heart attack at age 4

This just in from the AJC UGA VII passed away tonight from a heart attack at age 4. My deepest condolences to Georgia Dawgs fans. So very sad for all who are fans of Georgia and all who love Bulldogs (like me). A beloved bulldog for sure, he will be missed.

uga vii

Crazy like a Foxx

There are plenty of GOP crazies in Congress, but at the top of the heap is Rep. Virginia Foxx. Here she goes again, this time stating civil rights and progressive environmental legislation were Republican bills and the Democrats were against them. She also charged the Dems were guilty of being revisionists. Oy, oy, oy... here's Virginia, come on, come on down Sweet Virginia...

“Just as we were the people who passed the civil rights bills back in the ’60s without very much help from our colleagues across the aisle,” said Fox. “They love to engage in revisionist history.”

Here's a tribute to Sweet Virginia by the Rolling Stones from London 1995.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dems Deliver Health Care Bill, Will Reduce Deficits

By over $127 Billion in ten years. 98% of Americans will be insured. How about that? Leave it to the Dems to solve our health care crisis. Leave it to the Dems to bring back fiscal responsibility after Bush ruined our economy and blew through a budget surplus handed to him by President Clinton. Leave it to the Dems to clean up the Repulican messes.

According to Majority Leader Sen. Reid:

The bill "saves lives, saves money and protects Medicare, makes Medicare stronger," Reid said, flanked by several Democratic senators, including Chris Dodd, Debbie Stabenow, Al Franken and Chuck Schumer.

"Ninety-eight percent of the American people, those that have Medicare will be included in that number, will have health insurance," he said,

"We're proud of these figures," Reid said.

"Not only do we make [health insurance] affordable for every American, we certainly do it in a fiscally responsible way," he said.

Earlier today, the CBO reported Reid's bill would cost $849 billion over ten years while reducing the defict by $127 billion.
Also, after the first ten years,
the CBO projects even greater cost savings--up to $650 billion, with the caveat that after 10 years, their analyses become highly uncertain.

Whoo-hoo. I was totally taken aback by this. I expected the bill to be nothing but a gift to insurance companies, but now it looks like the Dems are finally heading in the right direction.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A lovely day in Chattanooga

We went downtown for the Head of the Hooch races this morning. I love Chattanooga it reminds me of Europe because it is a walking city full of history and art. The mountains that surround it and the river that runs through it makes this town exceptional. The long and turbulent history makes this town fascinating.
Head of the Hooch,Chattanooga
View from Walnut Street Bridge: Lookout Mtn. in the background, Ross's Landing, Delta Queen, Aquarium and Tennessee River in the foreground.
Chattanooga,Head of the Hooch
Head of the Hooch races. They go fast.
Head of the Hooch,Chattanooga
More from the races.
Hunter Museum,Chattanooga,Head of the Hooch
Beautiful art in Chattanooga. This one is in front of the Hunter Museum. It looks like driftwood but is made of bronze.
art is meant to be enjoyed
Art is meant to be enjoyed.

Rep. Cooper is supporting health care bill; hopes it doesn't pass.

With Dems like Cooper, who needs Republicans?
From Cooper Uncovered:
Cooper To Vote Yes On House Health Care Bill, Hopes It Doesn't Actually Become Law

I will vote yes on H.R. 3962. My vote is not an endorsement of all the provisions of the bill because I find much of the bill to be deeply flawed. There is little chance that H.R. 3962 will become law due to the long legislative process.

How terrible is that. Not surprising knowing Cooper. Cooper was responsible for undermining health care under Clinton in 1994. Sounds like he is hoping to sabotage this bill. Time for this worthless Blue Dog to get out of Congress.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bwahhhh... Tancredo throws a tantrum because Kos challenged him.

Oh boo hoo. One guy served his country and one guy got a deferment. Guess which one is the Chickenhawk? Yep, the one speaking about the Veterans not wanting VA healthcare. That's okay, Kos corrected the Chickenhawk. Chickenhawk storms off the set. Great fun to watch. Have some popcorn, too.