Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Snap! Winter hits home.

My poor birch tree survived all kinds of horribly hot summers only to get injured by ice. These trees thrive in colder climates, sadly, the ice is another matter.

oh snap

Brrr.... my house is cold.

winter storm 2010

Tasha enjoys the snow, reminds her of her roots in Alaska.

Tasha bear

Horse is okay

Ice storm

and then there is Buddy. He loves the water in any season.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boo- Hoo. No need for paid shills, anymore.

After last week's SCOTUS ruling, a new class joins the unemployment line. Here is what we can expect soon:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ford undaunted by NY Party Bosses

Today's NYT:

Mr. Ford’s interest in the race is triggering a growing sense of alarm within the Gillibrand camp, which has quickly sought to portray him as out of step with New York Democratic voters and, through supporters like Senator Charles E. Schumer, tried to dissuade him from entering the race.

A spokesman for Mr. Ford issued a pungent statement defending his interest in the Senate race and rebutting criticisms of his record.

“It’s good to have credible candidates explore this race. So what are they afraid of?” began the statement, from Mr. Ford’s spokesman, Davidson Goldin.

Good for him. I am still not over the terrible treatment of Caroline Kennedy last year. I am not fond of Gillibrand, so a healthy primary would make both candidates stronger and more progressive, something they both could use. Gillibrand is better now that she is a Senator than she was in Congress, but she remains unpopular. A primary could help both candidates with visibility and issues, just like the contentious Clinton and Obama primary did. Ford, who ran as a Blue Dog in Tennessee, will have to change to gold colors in order to win; and, Gillibrand will have a chance to show voters who she is. May the best Yellow dog win. In all it will be fun to watch. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn.

Expansion of the Early Bird Diners

Today's economic times are trying for everyone, but especially for folks under 30, so it is good to see an old favorite in Florida being used by many today. The "blue haired specials" - a term used to describe Floridian diners who eat out between 4 -5:30 because the inexpensive menu- is gaining popularity with the under 30 ages and young families. It is refreshing to see the new frugality that is taking place in Florida. I hope restaurants around here will pay attention to this trend.

From the New York Times

Many restaurant owners, on Florida’s east and west coasts, now report seeing behavioral changes that remind them of the generation that survived the Depression. In addition to coming in early for specials, they said, more customers have been using coupons, sitting down only after studying the menu and wasting less food.

This is a win for everyone. Restaurants need the business. Younger people need to socialize without spending too much money. Plus, it is good to see generations come together. Plenty of rewards for everyone in being frugal.

I like this photo the New York Times took of a restaurant in Miami. It shows a healthy business for restaurants and a diversity of people by going to Early Bird Specials.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The GOP's Last, Great Hope for 2012

Please read the news blips at the bottom of the t.v. screen too, they are just as funny as this video. Enjoy.

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Harold Ford May Run for Senate in New York

Harold Ford, Jr Pictures, Images and Photos

From New York Times:

Mr. Ford, 39, who moved to New York three years ago, has told friends that he will decide whether to run in the next 45 days. The discussions between Mr. Ford and top Democratic donors reflect the dissatisfaction of some prominent party members with Ms. Gillibrand, who has yet to win over key constituencies, especially in New York City.

After the 2006 ugly Senate race in Tennessee, Ford moved to New York. Ford works for Merrill Lynch and is frequently on MSNBC as a political pundit. The New York Times added the Conservative Southern Democrat will likely "tweak" his positions to appeal to voters in New York.

I wish Ford would come back to Tennessee instead of following Hillary's footsteps and become a New Yorker. New York is a Democratic stronghold, it is easy to win there. Ford came within 40,000 votes of winning Tennessee's Senate race. Corker and the RNC stopped at nothing to win it. The shameful, racist ads cinched the deal for them (but barely).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Why you don't want to be associated with Teabaggers with updated response

Update: Dan, a fellow Kossack sent a letter to the West Virginia Tea Party to see if they would defend the use of the n-word, here is what he wrote:

I saw a picture of Tea Part founder Dale Robertson holding a sign. He spelled it 'niggar' and I thought it was 'nigger.' if i'm making my own signs what way should i use

Dale Robertson, himself responded with this gem:

I don't encourage anyone to use that sign. It is easily manipulated as a racist statement. It is not a racist statement but a political statement. Due to the obvious heated response and new laws that make it hate speech and a crime, it is not recommended to use. Below is my comment of the reason for this given much interest and I provide some thoughts to who I am.


Not racist, huh? Not many people use that word in making political statements unless they are making a racist political statement. The link above, where Kossack is underlined, gives more in-depth to their crazy, racist political movement. Go read, you will enjoy it.

Back to my original post:

They can't spell. Here is Dale Robertson, who is the head of Tea protesting our government and diversity. Gosh, I would be ashamed to be that stupid to misspell simple words. Oh well, we all know the Tea Baggers are idiots and racists, would you expect anything else but this?