Wednesday, February 24, 2010

C-Span's Big Day

Tomorrow will be the big viewer day for C-Span. Check out the new action packed ad designed to attract new viewers. heh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My LTE to the Chattanooga Times Free Press on Global Warming

Nearly 200 years ago, Joseph Fourier, discovered a phenomena known as the "Greenhouse Effect", which is a warming that occurs from increases in certain gases in the Earth's atmosphere. One of the gases is carbon dioxide, CO2.

115 years ago, Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish physicist, researched what caused the ice ages. His work showed an increase in CO2 combined with water vapor brought forth a warming in the atmospheric temperature. Arrhenius performed calculations to arrive at how much incoming radiation was absorbed by CO2 and water to heat the atmosphere; thus, climate science began over 100 years ago.

CO2 data have been collected and analyzed by scientists and the military for decades. The Pentagon collected data on the ice shelves and showed an average thinning trend of 40% since 1953. Ice core samples from 800,000 years ago to the present show CO2 levels increased from 180 ppm to 383 ppm. In 1960, it was 313 ppm and in 1990 it was 353 ppm.

This is not a hoax - it has been researched and verified through the use of scientific methods. It is an ugly truth that is not disproven by either a snowstorm in Tennessee or conjecture from Fox News.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

Come on, GoOPers, let's talk deficits.
and, hey, Who Dat? Oh yeah, the guy that left New Orleans to drown.
Big spender Bush

From Black Water Dog at the DK

Now, who are the big spenders? Which one gave us a surplus? Which ones are Republicans? Which one is a Democrat? Simple quiz. Please answer.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Failin 2012

Palin AP photo.

First, she made a joke about not using a tele-prompter, ha! ha! ha! Then she segues into reading notes off the palm of her hand. What were those important, must not forget talking points written on her hand? Energy, tax cuts, and lift American spirits were the 3 must not forgets. Tax cuts originally said budget cuts but she crossed it off and replaced tax cuts. Note to self, Sarah: don't bring up budget cuts because then there will be a follow up question of what programs specifically come to mind? And we know what that would be, but let's hear it from her mouth: social security and medicare. Fortunately for Palin, not us, an advisor must have stopped her in the nick of time because she took the easy way out and replaced budget cuts with tax cuts. Surprise, surprise.

As Sam Seder twittered:
if Palin's speech had aired & been covered like that on a weeknight- the generic democrat would have gained 5%

This has to be one of the least important most covered speeches in the history of american politics-

I'm sold. The best thing I can do for the democrats is to draft palin for every race in the country

From Huffington Post:
Here's some more:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Baggage Claim at Atlanta Airport

For once, there was something good that happened at the baggage claim area. A reader sent me this hilarious comment:
No surprise that two large bomb-shaped objects were able to get through security.

Too Cool. Way to go, Atlanta.