Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why I am not a Republican

and why so many of my friends, who were Republican, are now calling themselves Independents is because of this:

I can't run far enough away from these goons. There is no honor left when this is what is running the GOP. Racism is repugnant. The Teabaggers are a bunch of haters and know nothings. How dare they equate Obama as a socialist and a fascist in the same sentence? Doesn't make any sense. Have they not read about the 3rd Reich? Of course not, they haven't read diddley squat, they get their information from the propaganda masters of spin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Faux News.

In the words of Huey Long: When Fascism comes to America, it will be called Anti-Fascism.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the finger pointing begin... GOP's Civil War is going to be ugly

The HCR bill hasn't even passed yet, but the GOP civil war has already begun and it won't be pretty. David Frum, George Dubya's speech writer, has already called out the Jim Demint wing of the party for a series of "stupid and bad decisions".

Republicans were united against the whole thing, even if some parts of the the bill were originally Republican ideas. This mentality failed and there will be hell to pay for this. By refusing to negotiate or be reasonable with any part of this popular bill, the Republicans have framed themselves as a party full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The Republican story is a tale told of by idiots.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


My crocuses have made their debut, still waiting on the jonquils. I am so excited to see this color after a long, dreary winter.



That's all the color I have in my yard on March 20th, 2010. Hopefully, I will be able to post some beautiful tulips and daffodils soon. Meanwhile, these colorful, tiny flowers bring great joy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grayson introduces a bill for everyone to buy into Medicare

This calls for an up or down vote. Grayson introduced a 4 page bill on the house floor, it is not part of the current Health Care Reform bill. It does not have subsidies, so no funding is part of the bill. It calls for anyone, without exception, and everyone to be eligible to participate. Premiums would be based on different age groups.

I now see why Grayson D-Fl- 8 is winning in both the Democratic and Republican primaries for this seat. Story from Talking Points Memo:

The candidate leading the Florida GOP primary to determine who will take on Rep. Alan Grayson, the Democrat who represents the Orlando-based district, is none other than Grayson himself, according to a poll paid for by his campaign. Grayson is a freshman congressman who has drawn scorn from the GOP and has quickly built a nationwide following of progressives.

The poll has Grayson leading the 13 Republicans -- among Republicans -- with 27.8 percent of the vote. The congressman who mocked the GOP health care plan by saying that it amounts to telling people not to get sick and if they do, to die quickly, received more support than all of the Republican candidates combined.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Look who wants to move into the neighborhood ...

the last thing I would ever wish for is Mountain Top Removal. Ugghhh... Save our Walden's Ridge, Save our Mountains... please join I Love Mountains.
We need clean energy now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

IGTNT: We Won a kOscar

Thanks to Timroff for our beautiful logo.

Thank you, everyone, IGTNT (I Got The News Today) won the kOscar for World Community Service. I am deeply honored for this award. On behalf of the IGTNT team, thank you so much.

It was a thrilling moment, for just a bit of time, but then the realization happened about why we won, and this was not a reason to celebrate. IGTNT writes about our fallen in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom).

IGTNT started out with just one guy, I dunno, in April 2004; he wrote all by himself until January 2007. One day, after reading about one of our own fallen here in Chattanooga, Sgt. John Sullivan, I asked I dunno how he would do this series in light of the upcoming military escalation ordered by President Bush. I dunno wrote me back asking for help with the series. My first thought was no, I can't do this; however, I struggled with how to tell him this.

I said yes, but did not want to do it because I did not think I was strong enough to do it. Also, I was not proficient in html so I thought that would doom me, it turns out the html is the easy part, the content is what is difficult. Writing about the fallen has been a rewarding and enriching time for me. Often, the fallen come from modest homes in rural areas and are well respected and loved by their community. They were courageous, unselfish, smart and kind, the loss is huge for their family, town and this nation. I am glad to write about how loved they were and how they are not forgotten. All of them had friends and family who loved and laughed with them. We must never forget their loss.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Karl Rove: Harold Ford, Jr. approached him about changing to be a Republican

A review of Karl Rove's new book turns up this new gem:

Even so, such was his reputation as a kingmaker that shortly after the 2004 election, no less a Democrat than Rep. Harold Ford Jr.—back then a four-term congressman from Memphis—requested a meeting to discuss his political future in Tennessee. According to a knowledgeable source, Rove sat for three hours with the young congressman at the Washington home of mutual friends, where Ford floated the idea of switching parties to run for the Senate in 2006 as a Republican—that is, if President Bush could “clear the field” and prevent a contested primary. According to my source, Rove responded encouragingly, but nothing came of the secret session, and Ford ended up running—and losing—as a Dem.

Ford denies that he approached him about a switch, but rather states the GOP tried to court Ford. Given Ford's recent changes on just about every stance he had in Tennessee in order to run for NY Senate, I am not so sure where the truth lies. I do feel a bit of betrayal as we were huge supporters of Ford and had a big party for him in our home. If I knew Ford was cozy with Rove, I would not have done such a thing.

Ford was the chairman of the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) after he lost in 2006. This kind of information isn't going to help the Blue Dogs.