Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Say it ain't so, Joe

The knives are out for Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner, when Republican pundit Joe Scarborough insinuated he is a bar fly. Of course, one would know this anyway by watching him on a Sunday morning television shows where he appears quite hung over; however, the last person I would expect to acknowledge this is Joe Scarborough. Wonder what's up with that? hmmmm....

Oh and don't you love the caption where Politico shows a photo from MSNBC of House Minority Leader Boehner, but the caption reads Senate Minority Leader. Good grief.

Angle says unemployment benefits keep people lazy

That's why she is against them. She thinks people would rather collect unemployment and stay home, even if the range is $30 to $275 a week, then go to work and support a family. What an affront she is to those who are suffering. Talk about kicking someone when they are down, she brings a whole new level of mean-spiritedness to politics. Message to Sharon Angle: when running for a political office try to bring people into your campaign not alienate them with lunacy and attacks.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hoping it's true

but won't hold my breath. We have been down this road before, Verizon will start selling I-Phones

Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. mobile-phone company, will start selling Apple's iPhone next year, ending AT&T.'s exclusive hold on the smartphone in the United States, two people familiar with the plans said Tuesday.

Deal is suppose to take place six months from now, in January 2011. Let's hope this time it doesn't fall apart.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Texas Showdown! Yeehaw!

Governors Race: Bill White is tied with Rick Perry. Wow. As Kos stated:
What kind of anti-Democratic year gives us a Democratic governor in Texas, of all places?

From PPP
Rick Perry (R) 43%

Bill White (D) 43%

Undecided 14%

More good news from PPP:

Since PPP last polled the race exactly four months ago, former Houston Mayor Bill White has brought incumbent Rick Perry from a 48-42 lead into a 43-43 tie. White has done that by reversing a 47-36 Perry lead among independents to a 42-36 lead for himself.

then this line is my favorite:
In most states, in this Republican election year, not only is the Republican leading among independents, but he is drawing more crossover support than the Democratic candidate. Bill White continues to buck that trend, as he did in February’s poll, by garnering 15% of Texas Republicans to Perry’s 10% of Democrats. Both candidates have seen more of their own party’s voters go into the undecided column, bringing their partisan support from the mid-80% range to the mid-70% range, with White still holding more of his own base than Perry does.

Bwahh... ha, ha, ha. Will enjoy watching this election until November. Bill White for Texas needs your help.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alabama's primary provides some needed entertainment.

We usually think Texas has the wackiest campaigns in politics, but Alabama is giving them some real competition.
Young Boozer won the GOP primary for Treasurer. One might think, this name would hurt him, but this time it helped him because his opponent's name is George Wallace, Jr. the son of the famous racist Governor. Young Boozer must have been the saner one of the two, or; perhaps, it is his great name - his father, Young Boozer Jr., played football for the Crimson Tide and was Bear Bryant's roommate. Family ties are big in Alabama.

A shocker in the Democratic Governor's primary with Ron Sparks (Ag Commissioner) defeating Rep. Arthur Davis of Birmingham. 62-38 was the outcome. According to Alabama online Davis lost because of a neglect for his African American base and not supporting the Obama Health Care Reform. In other words, he acted as if he already won the primary and was moving to the center.

The chairman of the black Alabama Democratic Conference, Joe Reed, said Davis was hurt by ignoring the African-American groups and by voting against the federal health care plan.
"He rejected black voters to go for whites. He acted more like a Republican than a Democrat," Reed said.

Hopefully, the Blue Dog Dems will read and heed the message from Mr. Joe Reed. T

The Republicans are heading for a run-off in the Governors race with Bradley Byrne assured of a spot on the ticket, the race is still to close to call for second place between Tim James (We Speak English in Alabama guy) and Robert Bentley (a physician from Tuscaloosa). The run-off will be July 13th.
The once first timer Democratic Congressman turned Republican, Parker Griffith, lost his GOP primary bid. Should of stuck it out in the Democratic Party, bro. Politics is tough but switching parties doesn't make it any better. Good riddance.

LOL, Alabamans didn't give a rip about Dale Peterson for Agriculture Commissioner. He was probably done in by the same thugs and criminals who stole his signs during the campaign :

Hate to see him lose, I was looking forward to more ads like this one during the general. Oh well, maybe someone will hire him to help drive their campaign into the ground.