Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comcastic Commandos Kill the Olbermann Show

Countdown with Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's Top Rated Show, abruptly ended last night leaving viewers and guests in a state of shock. One of the guests, Josh Marshall, creator of Talking Points Memo  had been on the show twenty minutes before Keith's announcement of the final show.  He had no inkling any of this would take place.  The crew and Keith were all upbeat and friendly.  Here's part of his piece on it:

I doubt I would have had any heads up or known anything was happening if Olbermann was going to go off the air. But I was a bit more stunned than I might otherwise have been because I was just over there. And I did not have any sense that there was anything any different than normal going on. Everything seemed calm and pretty sedate. I didn't sense anything different in Keith's manner or affect (though it's not like we're tight and I would have been the person to notice.) There were a few more people than I'm used to seeing in the studio -- maybe two or three, seated, who seemed to be there to watch. (Something I don't remember seeing before.) But nothing that made me think twice that anything odd was going on.
I'm sure we'll be hearing soon enough what on earth happened here. But color me stunned. And really disappointed.

It is no secret, there is a merger taking place on Monday between Comcast and NBC (parent company, and that Comcast upper management does not like Keith Olbermann.  MSNBC has already replaced his show with Lawrence O'Donnell and added Cenk Unger to their line -up.  O'Donnell will be pretty good, but Cenk is a disaster.  He's well known at the Daily Kos for being a self-important shill, and a horrible writer.  My friend, Kestrel, did a spoof on Cenk, the gist of it is below, to read the whole thing go to: Obama sucks.-Please-listen-to-my-radio-show.
Wow. this President.
I voted for hope and change.
I didn't get too much change and I'm losing hope.
But I DO hope you will listen to
my radio show
from 6-9a EST Monday through Friday.

Doubtful I will watch Cenk or MSNBC anymore.  Good night and Good luck to Keith Olbermann. 

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