Saturday, January 1, 2011

My questions for the TNDP Party Chair Debate

I'm a newbie on the Executive Committee for the TNDP, so I have kept an open mind about all the candidates.  They are all fine gentlemen and have their hearts in the right place to help our Democratic Party.  There will be a debate on Monday night put on by fellow Executive Committeeman Brad Parish, 12th District.   It is open to the public.  I invite everyone to watch, by going here to TN Debates

We were invited to submit questions, since I know very little about the history and sides of the candidates, my questions were pretty basic, they are:

What does being a Democrat mean to you?

What is your position about a 95 county strategy?  If you support it, how would you implement it?

If you are not chosen as Party Chair, will you still support and work with the elected Chair?  Will you continue to support both financially and through boots on the ground the TNDP?  Will you strive for unity through continuing support of the Chair?

The TNDP has seen a steady decline for the last decade, including Vice President Al Gore's loss, the House, the Senate and Congressional Seats.   What do you think are the factors for this?  How would your leadership change this direction?

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